Our New Name

Naturopathic AlchemyAlchemy dates back centuries, with its origins in India and China, along with numerous European and Muslim countries. The premise of alchemy is that it is both an aspect of chemistry, and an ancient philosophy. Alchemists would take impure metals (often lead and mercury) and through a somewhat mysterious but highly sought after process, create gold. Such a vivid image has been transferred into the spiritual realms, and seen as an analogy for personal transformation. Gold is likened to perfection, the nectar of life, and a state of purification, health, and enlightenment. Whereas lead and mercury are likened to illness, toxicity, (dys)function. To adequately describe alchemy is impossible, as there is an element to it which is magical, mystical, and nuanced.

The “philosopher’s stone” is the symbol of this magic, and is credited for being capable of achieving this evolution; turning base metals into gold. It has been said that the philosopher’s stone will lengthen one’s life, heal illness, and prolong life for its followers.

Dr Seddig likens the impure metals of alchemy to dis-ease, illness, impurities, toxicity and stagnation, elements of the root cause of illness. Her ‘lofty’ aspiration (mission) in the process of healing is to support and guide the patient as they go through their health transformation, clear the obstacles, and achieve optimal health. Certainly the process is not always clear and linear, but can have bumps. The therapeutic relationship present between doctor and patient can serve as a vessel to calibrate and achieve this healing, but Dr Seddig says she cannot ignore the fact that at times what initiates healing can be mysterious, and insinuates an element of magical unknown.

Dr Seddig’s logo is based on the philosopher’s stone and is represented with the image of “squaring the circle.” This is a 17th century symbol of alchemy which exhibits the genesis of the philosopher’s stone. ┬áThe circle, inside the square, inside the triangle, inside the circle is shown here as constantly moving, never stationery, a symbol of the flux that comes with transformation and self-actualization. Please observe this image at the top of the website.

AURUM is the Latin word for gold, also labeled as ‘AU’ in the chemical periodic table. which in alchemy is the end product of a successful conversion.