When to Call a Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Seddig has observed and recommends you see a Naturopathic Doctor in particular in these instances:
When should I call a Naturopath?

  • Recurrent health problem or infection
  • Multiple rounds of antibiotics/ medication and still getting the complaint
  • Have seen many doctors but not found the answer or definitive diagnosis
  • Feel sick but standard testing reveals nothing remarkable
  • Seeking to experience a new health paradigm
  • Sensitive patient (chemicals, body awareness, medication)
  • Looking for more ‘in depth’ individualized treatment than was offered elsewhere
  • Your symptom constellation has not fit into a diagnosis
  • Desire for a ‘Health Reset’ or ‘Optimization of Health’
  • Would like a holistic approach or specific guidance using herbs, nutrition, and/ or nutritional supplements
  • Are seeking a doctor trained and knowledgable about drug/nutrient/herb interactions