Medical Alchemy®

Medical Alchemy is best described as the unique way that Dr Seddig works with her patients. Alchemy is the ancient practice by which the alchemist would transform impure metals into gold. Medical Alchemy applies this same philosophy towards the health, with the purpose of upgrading a patient’s condition from a state of disease and illness, to one of optimal health. Dr Seddig combines naturopathic philosophy with medical science, and adds her discerning eye towards observing patterns in a person, with their symptoms and own health tendencies, their behavioral and/or spiritual outlook in life. Dr Seddig appreciates that health is a process, and that even once it is achieved, that it requires a commitment to maintain, and at times can be a moving target as life and stressors come into play. The doctor patient relationship can be therapeutic in an ongoing way and assist and support all of life’s twists and turns, so your health can flourish and sustain itself. Medical alchemy allows for this complexity.

Achieving health is a fluid journey, and Dr Seddig can collaborate with you

  • Blending modern diagnostics with ancient healing principles.
  • Unique, transformative health care