Elspeth Seddig, NaturopathI ran into a friend at the farmer’s market who looked stunning, happy and healthy and I asked her secret.  “Dr. Elspeth Seddig!” was her answer.

That’s all it took and I was on the phone making an appointment.  The toxic chemicals that had built up in my system were dangerously high.  With her unique chelation treatment, Dr. Seddig helped me to bring them down to a normal level.

Her knowledge is excellent and her patience and caring abound.  Without hesitation, I recommend Dr. Seddig for anyone who cares about their health and wellbeing.

~ Joanne Weir

I have been a patient of Dr. Seddig’s for the past few years and have been endlessly amazed by her work and dedication to her patients.  From the first initial appointment (which is the most thorough doctor’s appointment you will ever have), her detective work has fixed my heavy metal issues, worked on my thyroid, immune system, hormones, my gut, and ultimately helped me get my body ready for pregnancy at age 39. My doctor-avoiding husband even sees her now as well!

~ Katherine A., San Francisco

After over thirty years of chronic sinusitis, four sinus surgeries, and dozens upon dozens of antibiotics, thanks to Dr. Seddig I’ve been healthy and infection free for nearly a year.

~ Cheryl C.

I had the good fortune of being referred to Dr. Seddig when I was suffering from Chronic Fatigue. While everyone else told me I was depressed, she listened to me talk about how being tired all of the time was so depressing. Then she provided me with a road map towards healing and having energy again. That was over 8 years ago. I still work with Dr. Seddig because her advice and treatment plans are at the core of my well being. Plus she laughs at all of my jokes. How often do you get to say that about your medical provider?

~ Maritza P

Dr. Seddig is extremely attentive, a great detective, and has all sorts of tricks up her sleeve.  She helped me back in 2010 with some gut issues, and again with some new issues in 2016.  When no one else seemed to have answers, Dr. Seddig was able to pinpoint some root causes of what seemed like unrelated issues. Thank you Dr. Seddig!

~ R.B.

I only wish I had met Dr. Elspeth Seddig sooner in my life. I started seeing her in 2010 after years of seeing other holistic medical professionals without significant results. After my initial consultation with Dr. Seddig, I knew I had found the right place and the right person to help me.  Dr. Seddig is extremely supportive and incredibly sharp.  She has an immediate innate sense for figuring out what is going on with an individual, and knows how to support you in a way that improves your health in a very impactful way. I have referred Dr. Seddig to my husband, my siblings, and many friends. All of them speak incredibly highly of Dr. Seddig and her influence on their health in the most positive way.

I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Seddig to anyone who has been struggling with health issues or even is just simply curious on how to obtain optimal health.  She is simply the best!

~ Catherine Ziegler

“Dr. Elspeth Seddig saved my life! I had been suffering for 40 plus years with debilitating, severe stomach pain that would rise up with no understanding by me as to its source (turns out I am severely gluten intolerent). Dr. Seddig gave me the right tests to discern the problem, prescribed the game plan and supplements to correct my flare ups and I have now been pain free from flare ups for the past five years…a dream come true. She also helped me by diagnosing completely shot adrenal glands which caused severe anxiety, inability to sleep and no ability to handle stress…She fixed that problem and I now believe in miracles. Thank you Dr. Seddig.”

-Lisa Jolicoeur

By way of introduction, I would represent that I have spent the last 25 years of my life curating a select group of personal physicians in different areas of medical practice that has been focused on establishing a true partnership between myself and my doctor. It has been predicated on my personal responsibility to be as well informed a recipient of health care services as possible which, in turn, requires the physician to listen carefully to my questions, concerns and involvement in their prescriptive strategy in order to allow me to enjoy the best  health possible in my remaining years.

Until ten years ago, I had never worked with a naturopathic doctor until meeting  and engaging with Dr. Seddig which began with our first appointment involving a more detailed “intake” meeting than I had ever received. We quickly narrowed down the medical areas of concern which to that point had not been seriously addressed by other physicians including my “curated” group.

While the conditions in question are not life threatening, they certainly offer the prospect of becoming serious if not properly treated which offers the observation that Dr. Seddig’s practice is heavily based in my experience on pre-empting illness where possible as opposed to taking a passive approach to arguably benign current conditions.

I find her to be highly pro-active in regularly staying in touch with her patients and relentless in her ongoing personal research as to what  mix of testing, supplements, diet and life style changes will work in service to delivering both symptomatic relief and underlying good health.

Needless to say, she has joined my curated group which affords me best health care services as practiced by both traditionally trained physicians and those of a naturopathic doctor.

She enjoys my highest recommendation to potential like-minded patients.

~ S.K.

I have searched for years to find someone like Dr Seddig. A naturopath that specifically can target what I need to work on to create optimal health. There are no haphazard ‘guess’ with her, its testing, real info and then a plan. Both my husband and I have seen real results I cannot recommend her more highly.

It is a great luxury to have someone on your side when it comes to health, Dr Seddig is the best. No nonsense, no random guesswork, real results.

~ Cecilia P.

My entire family has seen Dr. Seddig ages 2-75. She has helped each and everyone of us with our health needs and has taught us how to eat properly.  We are all extremely thankful for her help and guidance in leading more healthy productive lives. Dr Seddig is kind and gets to know you like a doctor used to fifty plus years ago. Her demeanor is kind and patient.

~ Elizabeth G.

Dr. Seddig is a lovely, patient, and compassionate Naturopathic Doctor. She’s a great listener and is very knowledgeable and experienced in her field.  She helped me out of some very, very dark health times where I felt pretty abandoned by traditional Western medicine. Among other things, my digestion was so bad that I was reacting to almost everything I ate, and my energy was non-existent. She took the time to thoroughly evaluate my health and ordered appropriate tests to get to the root causes of my mysterious maladies. I’m eternally grateful for her help and highly recommend her!

~ Wendy F.

Dr. Seddig has been an invaluable help in treating my emotional as well as physical health.  She guided me through the process of tapering off an SSRI and introduced me to prescribed naturopathic remedies that significantly reduced my anxiety, depression and insomnia.

Dr. Seddig is highly intelligent and has deep professional knowledge.  I appreciate her careful and thorough medical care; she asks questions and listens attentively.  She has a kindly, calm and non-judgmental demeanor, and a good sense of humor, that make being her patient a pleasure as well as a healing experience.

~ Francesca S.

I originally started seeing Dr. Seddig in regards to my skin.  I’ve always struggled with acne but in my mid 30’s it just seemed to be something more than genetics.  In addition to my skin issues I was also struggling with chronic low energy. From the very beginning I was impressed by how thorough Dr. Seddig was.  Our first appointment lasted two hours and covered every aspect related to my health.   Upon receiving back my lab tests we discovered that I was severely anemic and also had mild Celiac disease.  We were able to treat these issues with a shift in diet awareness along with potent vitamin + herb supplements which were provided by her and closely monitored.  It’s now been three years since our first appointment and not only is my skin incredibly improved but I also have great energy which lasts throughout the day and as an added bonus I lost about 20 lbs.  I am aware of and in control of my health and know what my body needs to perform at it’s  best.

I still see Dr. Seddig every 3 or 4 months to check in and refill my supplements if needed.  I highly recommend this path for anyone who wants to receive the most attentive Holistic care possible.  This is truly the best way to take care of your body + mind while preventing future illness and all with zero side effects.  Seeing Dr. Seddig is hands down the best health decision I’ve ever made.

~ Genevieve Dodge

I have been a patient of Dr Seddig for 9 years; she has been an incredible blessing in my life. Dr Seddig is incredibly compassionate, intelligent, intuitive, caring and extremely knowledgeable.

Dr Seddig has been very helpful and supportive on my healing journey; she has helped at all levels-body,mind and spirit.
I am so grateful for her!

~ Debbie H.

I began working with Dr. Seddig after years of frustration trying to get help from Western Medicine while living with multiple autoimmune issues.  I’m so glad I did! Dr. Seddig’s knowledge, experience, and thorough approach helped identify and resolve the underlying, hidden causes that were contributing to my health issues and symptoms.  Together we diagnosed my Hashimoto’s thyroid disease, lowered the high levels of Mercury and Lead accumulation that her recommended testing revealed, identified food sensitivities and healed my gut, and finally eliminated yeast overgrowth clearing up a stubborn/frustrating skin problem. I’m sleeping better, I’ve lost weight and feel better now than I have in years! I am very grateful to Dr. Seddig for her compassion and perseverance to help me on my healing journey!
~ Joanne, San Francisco

I was diagnosed with a digestive disease in 2007. After being treated by two Gastroenterologists without success, I was desperate to get well. I received Dr. Seddig’s information by recommendation of a friend. I decided to take a chance at a new type of treatment, one that was foreign to me. I turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Dr. Seddig is the first doctor who has ever treated me as an individual, not just a patient. She didn’t just listen to my symptoms and prescribe medication. She was incredibly patient and meticulous. She tirelessly worked to find the source of the problem and decide on the most effective personal and natural means of treatment. Her incredibly thorough and holistic approach to my care has not only effectively treated my disease, but has permanently changed the way I maintain my health on a daily basis.

Dr. Seddig has truly improved my life and long term well being. I recommend her highly to anyone in search of thorough and effective healthcare.

~ R. Steingall

I have been a patient of Dr. Seddig’s for almost five years, and my health has improved so much since I started seeing her. I have been able to make significant changes in my body weight and cholesterol levels, to the point where I do not need to take any prescription medications despite being over 50 years old.

She has also supported my physical and emotional health through the years of my husband’s (allopathic) cancer treatments, and now through my bereavement and grieving process.

She is so knowledgeable about the human body, and insightful about the whole person, delving into possible related issues.
I’m not one to complain about my health, so sometimes I forget to bring up health issues until she asks me, and I’m reminded that oh, yes, that was bothering me, too.

I can wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Seddig, without reservation.  Your health is priceless – don’t take shortcuts with it.
~ Maia H.
San Francisco

Dr Seddig has treated the whole family over the past 6 years. She helped me bounce back to my pre-pregnancy mental and physical good health and is now navigating me through peri menopause. Dr Seddig has raised my husband’s energy levels by way of managing his blood sugar and helped both my elementary school age boys with digestion and behavior issues. We all feel so much better. Dr Seddig has made a tremendous improvement to our lives and we’re so glad we found her.

~ Liz Heilpern

I first sought out Dr. Seddig 7 years ago when I was recovering from a parasite. She helped get my digestion back on track. I kept going  to get my health back on track; my sleep, my immune system, my moods, food allergies.  I started feeling better so I kept going and kept learning more about my health. I’m a teacher and every year I get my immune system amped up by Dr. Seddig in preparation for cold and flu season. I end up being sick for shorter periods of time and my colds are less severe. My seasonal allergies are also in check. She’s really helped with my 40’s hormones . It took effort and commitment on my part. Dr. Seddig is very knowledgeable and detailed in her practice. I value all the knowledge she’s given me about how to be healthy. I have medical insurance but Dr. Seddig is usually the person I call first. I’ve built a relationship with Dr. Seddig and she’s the one I trust with my health.

~ Tobi G

We are so lucky to have Dr. Seddig as our doctor. She has given us the tools and support to be healthy again.  Through time and gentle support, my daughters and I have reclaimed our health.

I trust Dr. Seddig with all my blood work, so she can give me a holistic outlook instead of my old primary care doctor who always felt judgmental and dismissive.

Dr. Seddig continues to ask questions and listen to our family’s story.  She has offered dietary and behavioral suggestions, in order to strengthen our immune systems and has provided a solid medical plan for optimal health. Thank you Dr. Seddig!

~ Mary P.

I am writing to provide a testimonial for Dr. Elspeth Seddig, N.D. I have been a patient of Dr. Seddig’s for more than five years. I initially consulted her because I simply felt ill – exhausted, tired, stressed and yet unable to relax or to sleep well at night. I had seen both my regular M.D. and OBGYN, and they couldn’t find anything wrong. Dr. Seddig was extremely thorough, and she ordered a battery of tests in which she looked at the “standard” metrics but also the relationships between certain measurements. She prescribed a program of natural supplements to help my body heal itself and re-establish its normal functions that had been depleted through stress, aging and fatigue. She made adjustments over time to take away supplements that had done their job and fine-tune others to work better. I have always been impressed with the amount of time she takes to listen and understand. I also like the fact that she offers positive encouragement and has never made me feel guilty about missing a supplement. She also works with my M.D. if I need a prescription (such as an antibiotic for a UTI), but even more importantly, she has given me natural preventative medicines so that I don’t need a prescription in the first place. I am feeling better than I have in years, and I feel confident and supported in my efforts to maintain my good health.

On top of all of that, Dr. Seddig has also helped me to manage my son’s asthma attacks by fortifying his immune system, reducing inflammation in his body and strengthening his respiratory system – to the point where he has been symptom-free for four years. We’ve had to make adjustments for his growth and development, but again, I feel confident that he can stay on the path of good health.

In short, my experience has proved to me that naturopathic medicine is an incredibly potent approach to the prevention and treatment of disease, and Dr. Seddig embodies all of the advantages of this approach. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

~ B.M.

When I started seeing Dr. Elspeth Seddig it was really the last resort. Western medicine was unable to identify or correct any of the problems I was suffering from. At the time I was suffering from some pretty chronic digestion issues, high blood pressure, high sugar levels and my adrenals were stuck in overdrive. I wasn’t sleeping well and my overall health was deteriorating. I was lucky enough to meet Dr Elspeth Seddig through a friend and contacted her shorty after.

Dr Seddig has exceptional knowledge in her field. She specializes in many areas that Western medicine is just not able to fix. Many of my problems were a result of extremely high metals in my systems. We were able to dramatically reduce the metals in my system, returning my body functions back to normal.

Dr Seddig is professional and patient. She has been very helpful getting my wife and I to a healthier lifestyle. Naturopathic medicine is not an overnight fix. It takes dedication and time for your body after years years of abuse to repair itself. It’s been about 15 years since I started seeing Dr. Seddig and all my symptoms are pretty much 100% better and I’m feeling better than I ever have in my life.

~ Tim P.