What’s Unique

Elspeth Seddig, NaturopathDr. Elspeth Seddig is incredibly dedicated to her patients and carrying on the practice of Naturopathic medicine. Persistent, deliberate, and deeply caring of her patients, Dr. Seddig always seeks to get to the core. She falls naturally into the role of detective and teacher, which may have some lifelong roots.

Dr. Seddig is adept at looking for patterns and themes, and these aspects then help guide her in a distillation process leading to the root cause, whether it lies in disordered body physiology, blood work or other test result findings, a lifestyle or dietary ‘bad habit,’ a limiting belief, or some other ‘obstacle to cure,’ to use the language of Naturopathic medicine.

From a young age Dr. Seddig remembers being very drawn to hearing her friends’ life stories, loving to delve into their diverse experiences with them and seeing what made them “tick.” She still carries this enthusiasm for the dynamism of life’s bittersweet richness, and this is reflected in her ongoing patient relationships; even, at points, infused with humor. Dr. Seddig underwent a profound spiritual experience when she was a teenager that redirected her onto a path toward health and gave a her a reverence for life that is still with her today.

A thoughtful, sensitive listener, her deep intuition is complemented by her extensive experience.  To complete “What’s Unique” about Dr. Seddig, she recently learned from a colleague that she is one of the longest practicing  graduates of NUNM in San Francisco.